Are you ready for the Miami International Boat Show?

The most exciting boat show in North America is here. The Miami International Boat Show is back, to be hosted on February 13-17 on the Miami Marine Stadium Park.

The event, which has been called “the Super Bowl” of yachting, is expected to draw over 100,000 attendees this year, all eager to see what might as well be the world’s largest collection of boats.

Are you looking forward to purchasing a new yacht? Getting a test ride in your new charter? Maybe just taking the chance to awe at the hundred-foot long vessels? Then keep reading to learn all you need to know about this massive events.

The Miami International Boat Show: one of the biggest events of the year

The event will start on Thursday for an amazing President’s Day weekend. Up to 1,400 boats and yachts will be available to show-goers to look at, including some of the most amazing vessels in the world.

The Miami Marine Stadium Park is set to host what is said to be one of biggest fairs in the boating industry, which is expected to generate more than $850 million USD in total revenue for all its participants, creating about 5700 jobs. That’s more than two Super Bowls!

A custom-made marina was built to host the massive amount of boats and yachts ranging within a massive diversity of shape and size. Everything from modest fourteen-foot vessels to incredible, state-of-the-art creations are set to debut this weekend.

Sustainability is the keyword this weekend

Single-use plastics are one the biggest environmental threats to oceans and the event’s organizers consider it one of the most important topics this year.

To promote conscious yachting and reduce the use of plastics, vendors will promote sustainability through the sell of aluminum reusable bottles and sunglasses made out of fishing nets.

Don’t forget to check out one of the environment-focused expert seminars. Find out how you too can help the oceans from your vessel.

What to do at the Boat Show?

There’s lot to do at the event. Find out here!


First, reach the venue by sea by hailing one of the free water taxis provided by the boat show to ticket holders. That way, you’ll avoid the traffic and get to Stadium in no time.

If you prefer land travel, the event also offers a shuttle service with multiple stops. Valet parking is available, though the organizers discourage attendees from driving there themselves.

Presentations and panels

The Volvo Penta Conservation stage will be host to a series of seminars, talks and demonstrations on environmentalism. Events will run almost continuously on an hourly basis all weekend, so there’s a lot to see. Be sure to fit the ones that are most interesting to you in your schedule!

You can see the full list of presentations and panels here, at the Boat Show’s official website.

Learn to sail like a pro

The Miami International Boat Show is set to host a series of seminars on sailing. Two a day, each day.

Spots are limited, so getting the chance to learn with pros requires a reservation and an additional fee. The $99 cost includes your same day admission to the show, so you can check out the boats and attend the presentations before or after your seminar. Check them out here!

Visit the booths

A large number of vendors will be attending the event, showing off their products and services. You can check out everything from cleaning systems to powerful high speed engines to quality sound systems, perfect for tech-heads and boating aficionados.

With the huge variety of brands participating, you’ll be sure to find something in your price range to your liking.

Check out the boats

Finally, the crown jewel of every boat show: the enormous amount of boats and yachts available to awe at.

The most luxury brands in the world will be taking their best and newest vessels to the boat show, debuting them to the expecting audience. With how many yachts there will be and how big they are, it’s sure to be a sight to behold.

Whether you’re looking for speed, size or luxury, there’s sure to be a boat that catches your fancy and, possibly, your budget. Check them out!

How much is it gonna cost you?

Admission prices range from $45 for Thursday to $30 per day for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, while two-day passes are $55 each. Young children, by the way, get in free with their parent’s or guardian’s admission.

Find us there!

OTADUY Yachts will be attending the Miami International Boat Show. Don’t be afraid to show up and check out our vessels! We’ll receive you with a warm welcome. Who knows? You might leave with a shiny brand new yacht or an amazing rental deal.

Have fun this weekend and don’t forget to come say hi!

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