How to increase your oxygen intake at sea level?

Everyone knows there’s nothing better to relax to than Los Cabos: beautiful beaches, emerald waters, warm weather and great oxygen intake.

Yes, you read that right. There are many things that make a vacation in Baja California worth it, and you can count the sea level oxygen amongst it. Science says breathing at low altitude reduces stress, makes you calmer and is overall good for your health.

The oxygen at sea level is great for your physical health

Altitude greatly impacts our body’s respiratory system. There’s a reason why olympic athletes consistently get better scores the closer to sea level they are, as oxygen intake is a key factor in performance. 

The science behind it can be explained easily. You see, as altitude goes up, atmospheric pressure goes down. Because your body depends on this pressure to drive gas exchange in the lungs, being considerably above sea level makes it harder for your body to breathe. 

The opposite is also true. As you approach sea level, air becomes heavier, making your body’s respiratory system’s job easier. That means you take in more oxygen with less effort, which is good for you.

Since breathing becomes less physically demanding, you breathe better. The reduced effort and more abundant oxygen intake help reduce stress and make you calmer.

It should also be pointed out that, for a lot people, going on vacation to the beach means going away from air pollution, too. Take a yacht and you’ll be miles away from the nearest big city, with nothing but clean and clear air to breath. Your lungs will thank you.

That’s not the only benefit the ocean can offer to your physical wellbeing, though. Consider sand as a natural exfoliant: rolling in the beach is not only fun but also great for your skin. Speaking of it, might as well get a tan while you’re at it, right? Nothing better to make your skin feel just right.

Depending on your priorities, being by the sea promotes a calm state, where your body can relax and heal while you enjoy the sun, as well as a more active one, as you enjoy yourself, swim in the water, run in the sand and have fun, exercising and working your muscles without strain.

Swimming is specially one of the best exercises out there. It’s a whole body workout that helps your body with circulation, coordination and respiration. There’s nothing better than letting the seawater wash away your stress and physical pain.

It’s also amazing for your mental health

A relaxed and carefree lifestyle is key to good mental health. Being miles away from work in a environment of pure calm cleanses your mind and lets you enjoy what’s really important. 

There’s just something so magical about the rhythmical pounding of the waves against the sand or a boat’s hull, as if the life of the ocean was fueling its heartbeat, setting the beat for your own heart as your mind becomes one with the sea.

The beautiful sight ought to make you feel good inside. As the endless ocean extends into the unknown, a clear sky lets in the rays of sunshine, setting the perfect scene for relaxation and peace of mind.

Just imagine. The warmth of the sun in your skin. The ever-so-slightly-salty breeze against your face. The sound of the ocean engulfing every worry in your mind as you find new happiness. Nothing compares to it.

The perspective granted by the ocean sets the perfect backdrop for meditation. Just sit, close your eyes and let the sounds of nature wash over you and take away everything that’s bothering. No other scene is better at fostering a healing mindset.

And if meditating is not exactly your thing and you’d rather have fun with friends and family, great news! Enjoying yourself next to your loved ones is, too, good for your mental health.

There’s a scientific basis to the mental health benefits of being by the sea. Ancient physicians called it “thalassotherapy”. Now, we know that sun’s warmth finds its way to your body letting it generate endorphins, making you feel good. And the sound of the waves we talked about earlier? Your heartbeat eventually “syncs” with it and relaxes your body, almost as a natural lullaby. Put this on top of just how good meditation, relaxation and enjoyment is for your well-being and, well, you get the picture.

There’s also a bit of placebo in effect. We’ve grown to associate a vacation to the beach as the most peaceful thing ever (and reading this article probably put you in that same mindset, too), so people condition themselves to feel relaxed because they believe they should be feeling relaxed.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for some well-deserved nature-induced wellbeing, don’t look further than a vacation to the beach. Relax away and let the stress fade away. Your mental and physical health will thank you.

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